Monday, April 20, 2009

Quick Office for iPhone

Just see on The iPhone Blog that Quick Office have just had their Quickoffice app released into the iPhone store on iTunes.

This steals a march on Dataviz's Documents to Go which is still showing as "Coming..." on their web site, although I believe from an email I received from them recently and posted about , that it's due for a "mid-May" delivery.

Whatever, Quickoffice beats them to it, offering the following long list of features:

Quickword® (Advanced Word Document Processing)
  • Edit & Create MS-WORD Files
  • Intuitively Cut/Copy/Paste text anywhere, including to another doc
  • Easy to use, fast, accurate Double/Triple Tap for word/paragraph selection
  • High-fidelity rendering for optimized mobile viewing
  • Wrap text at any zoom level and eliminate repetitive left/right scrolling
  • Enhanced Magnifier to accurately place cursor with ease
  • Extensive text formatting; Bold, Italics, Font Sizes, Font Styles
  • Simple to Undo/Redo text changes
  • Confidently edit with Auto-Save & Auto-Restore
  • Quickly edit Bulleted/Numbered lists
  • Images scale to fit screen for better viewing
  • Open complex docs without compromising performance or stability
  • File Support: .DOC (97-2003 Editing), .DOCX (2007 Viewing), .TXT
Quicksheet® (Advanced Excel Spreadsheet Editor)
  • Edit & Create MS-EXCEL spreadsheets
  • Professional-Grade Calculation Engine
  • Supports advanced Excel features; Implicit Intersection, Array Formulas, Named Ranges
  • Simply Tap, Hold & Slide your finger to increase/decrease Column Width/Row Height
  • Extensive formatting; Bold, Italic, Cell Background, Font Color, Accounting, Currency, Decimals, Currency Symbols
  • Double Tap on a cell and drag your finger diagonally to Select a Range
  • Easily change Inputs and Recalculate
  • Confidently edit with Auto-Save & Auto-Restore
  • Switch easily between Sheets in a Workbook
  • Insert new Rows/Columns
  • File Support: .XLS (97-2003 Editing), .XLSX (2007 Viewing)
Quickoffice® Files (Remote Access, WiFi & File Management)
  • Remotely Access your MobileMe® iDisk® account (separate account required)
  • Easily Transfer files from your Macintosh or PC via WiFi
  • Create New Folders on your iDisk account or device to manage digital content
  • Save files to your device for offline viewing
  • View almost every common file type
  • Easily Organize, Rename, and Move files on your device
  • Passcode protection to keep your content safe
Buy now and receive these FREE UPDATES (soon to be released):
  • Mount device as a wireless drive via WiFi
  • Drag/Drop files between your device and computer via WiFi/li>
  • Email remote or local files without having to download them
It's priced at $19.99, far more than your average iPhone app, but then arguably, it's far more complex, and powerful than a free or 59p farting app.

I'm very tempted, as I've been waiting for DtG for a long time, and mid-May's still weeks away. Should I stick or should I twist?

Thanks to The iPhone Blog for the heads up, and a nod to Quickoffice, as I've used their picture (but I am raising awareness of their product!)

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