Thursday, April 09, 2009

Docs to Go for iPhone almost here

Got an update email from Dataviz tonight in which they say that the iPhone version of Docs to Go will be ready in early to mid May. For all those of us that have been waiting for this, it's great news.

What they've said is:

Thanks to all who have been waiting patiently for the arrival of Documents To Go for iPhone. The next time you hear from us, it'll be to tell you that Documents To Go is available for your iPhone and iPod touch in the App Store!

When will that be, you ask? Early to mid May. And trust us, there are some very exciting things about this app that we haven't let out of the bag yet. We hope you'll agree it's worth the wait!

If you haven't seen them, there are some great screenshots for you on our Facebook page (while you're there, become a fan!). And as always, you can stay up to date on our iPhone plans and all the other goings-on at DataViz with our Office Mobility Blog!

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