Thursday, October 02, 2008

Win Mob - Not for me says Murray

Murray over at Palm-Mac has given up. On Windows Mobile that is. He's had a number of WM smartphones, and they've never lasted long. He thought he was going to sort it with the Palm Treo Pro, a well specced device, but sadly it's not to be.

Too clunky, things that don't work, and so on, don't make for a good user experience, and though many people get on admirably well with WM devices the world over, Murray 'aint one of them.

He's sticking to his iPhone and Palm Centro, and he's even wheeled out his Treo 680 this week too.

He also makes the point that he feel that sooner or later, Microsoft is going to come a cropper unless it starts to realise that user experience is as important as high specifications.

I think he's right. Most people just want a device that works. That is to say, it works out of the box. Not having to mess around with wifi set up, GPRS settings, multi-layered menus - installing plug ins to make the UI more "friendly" because the deafult one is frankly pants. If WM is so great, why do so many power users hide it's interface under different shells and today screen variants? You don't see Symbian users, or iPhone users doing that. Admitedly some Palm users do, but that's really to try and bring the OS to a 21st century revision, and lets face it, the Plam OS is some years old - WM6.1 is as current as you get.

I was tempted by the Treo Pro. But I respect Murray's perceptions on these things, and if he says it's not for him, it's probably not for me. Besides, the Palm Centro still does the job for me.

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