Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick, or Treat?

C'mon, fess up. Are you one of those who gets really excited about it being All Hallows Eve, gets dressed up, watches Hallowee'n 13 on the TV whilst constantly answering the door to those happy little children trick or treating, or are you grumpy about it as an over-rated, American, cash generating any excuse to rip people off sort of person?

I must confess, I'd like to be in the former camp, but rather feel I'm in the latter. I don't mind at all the idea of "celebrating" Hallowe'en. In fact, I remember back to my young days - about 40 years ago probably, dressing up in a sheet and going to my mother's WI Hallowee'n party, bobbing apples and all that - so it's hardly a new phenomenon.

It is more commercialised though, and that rankles a bit with me. I also appreciate the fear factor it can bring, especially to the more elderly, living alone. I know my Dad, who's 79 and lives alone with his elderly dog, despises Hallowe'en and never answers the door - and he also hates - possibly even more, the relentless run up to bonfire night that seems to go on for about a month beforehand, with people letting off loud firecrackers which drive his dog into an absolute shivering wreck.

So, I don't mind it, but I'd prefer to see it more contained...parties rather than what can appear to be gangs roaming the streets, looking for any excuse to lob eggs and flour at anything they see fit. I know that's a generalisation and a huge exaggeration and most of the visitors we have - and it's about 4 lots tonight and counting, are small children with responsible adults. But it does beg the question, what message does it send out, when you can knock on a complete strangers door and "ask" for sweets.

For now, I'll be glad when it's tomorrow...bring on 5th November!

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