Sunday, October 05, 2008

Surf's up!

Well the forecast for the Swansea area yesterday was heavy rain. This morning couldn't see the end of the farm track, let alone the beach. Suddenly though at about 9am the murk lifted and it started brightening up. After a hearty breakfast me and Bethan decided we'd brave the waves and donned our wetsuits and went to the beach. Two things struck me a we waded into the surf.
  1. The water was freezing. It took me three goes to get in and that's not like me. It was so cold it was painful.
  2. The surf was HUGE
Still we bravely continued. After about 5 minutes the cold had dissipated. Aren't wetsuits wonderful? Beth got some big rides on her body board and had the time of her life. Her brother's more reserved and hadn't even brought his wet suit. We had about half an hour messing around before we came out - I was shattered - it's hard work in big surf.

It's now a beautiful day - blue sky and sunshine and you can see the Gower in all it's glory. Great day.

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