Thursday, October 23, 2008

Skittles and stuff

Just got back from skittles. We played the "Marauders" at the Llandough Legion tonight - that's their alley pictured, and after a see-saw game, we came out victorious by 3 pins. There will be a full write up and updated averages etc on the web site some time tomorrow evening when I get round to it. Check us out at

In other news, it's half term next week, and we've got a week off (Hooray!!!) We're off to Center Parcs (Longleat Forest). We've been several times since the kids were babies, so are old hands. These days of course we can just leave the kids to the swimming/slides/rapids etc and slob with a book, and we 've also got table tennis, American Pool and 10 pin bowling already booked, plus the good lady has herself booked in for a aqua sauna session. Center Parcs can be expensive - sadly they hike the accommodation prices in line with kids holidays, but it is great fun and you do really feel like you've had a break.

Obviously, there are no cars once your there, so it's bikes (for me and the kids) or walking (for Anne who can't ride a bike!) I've had to buy some roof rails and bike clamps for the Mondeo because my old tailgate bike carrier I had for the Scenic don't fit the Mondy. I picked them up today, and it's worse than an MFI flat pack assembly! I'm half way there, so fingers crossed.

Our son James has also had two teeth pulled today (ouch) after having two done last week. He needs the space because his teeth are too crowded. Next up is some serious braces/retainers and stabilisers (back to bikes?). Sound pretty fearsome if you ask me, though I wish we'd had the benefit of this sort of orthodontic care when I was a kid. At least once it's over, he'll hopefully have some nice straight teeth. Not like his dad!

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