Saturday, October 04, 2008

Seaside blues. Blackpool 1-1 City

Marvellous - even though we-re away this weekend, the house we have for the weekend has thoughtfully got BT Broadband, and armed with my trusty Eee PC I can blog perfectly. In fact you can see I'm using all sorts of technology even though we're deep in the Gower penninsula. The last post and photo was sent with my Palm Centro, now the Eee comes to the rescue.

City did it again. One up and into the closing minutes and they come away with draw. To be honest, with our record at Blackpool (one win in 30 years or something mad like that), I'd probably have settled for a draw before the start. But when you're winning going into stoppage time, you generally hope that you can hang on.

Paul Parry had put City in front late on before a defensive lapse let the Seasiders in in the 5th minute of injury time. Still, it's a point.

Up the City!

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