Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Keeping up with the Jones's

I've been back on Twitter today. I signed up ages ago for a reason that escapes me, and forgot all about it until someone "invited" me to join them. I've posted a few times today, and it's a little addictive, though, with only 3 people following me, and two of those seemingly not using Twitter regularly, a bit pointless, but there you go. But, if you do want to "Twitter" with me, my Twitter name is Statto1927.

But it got me to thinking. A couple of years ago if I "spoke" to someone it was on the phone, face to face or by email. Now, as well as all that, I regularly text to communicate, and I've got a Facebook account, and this Blog, and now Twitter. That's a lot of keeping up to date. No wonder I haven't got any time for anything. And that's before I lump in the three websites I created and manage,, and

I have to say Twitter and Facebook probably won't get used much, but they are there, and they do have strange but rather banal attraction. I can see why young people might get engrossed with this "social networking" stuff, but I'm a grown, mature (some might disagree) and some (including my daughter) might say old man. Surely I've got better things to do with my time?

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