Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is blogging dead?

Interesting article over Rory Cellan-Jones blog on BBC website about the reported death of blogging.
Personally I don't see blogging as a "past it" technology. Well I would say that wouldn't I writing on a blog!
Seriously though, Twitter, Facebook et al have their place - I've recently re-discovered Twitter after initially wondering what the point of it all was, and I'm hooked.

But this blog is different. It allows me to express my thoughts (such as they are) in detail- Twitter gives you about the same amount of space as an SMS text message. They both have their place in the world, as do books. Despite doom mongers saying digital books would take over the written paper word, it hasn't. Sure there are more "e-books" out there, if you want to find them. I don't.

So I don't think blogging is dead. It's maturing. There are some great blogs out there and it's allowed many people like me to open my thoughts to all and sundry, and for me that's the beauty. Anyone with a 'net connection can read my blog. Whether they do, or don't it's the fact that I can do it that makes me enjoy it. I'm blogging now from my sofa using my Asus Eee watching the footie (Liverpool 1 Athletico Madrid 0 currently). Blogging is very much alive.

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