Thursday, October 23, 2008

i-plate. Initial impressions

A couple of posts ago I referred to the i-plate - a gadget that fits into your master BT phone socket to filter out "noise" that's supposed to improve your connection speed.

My unit arrived today (great service by Broadband Buyer).

Installing it was a cinch - undo two screws, a bit of care so as you don't rip out the wires in the socket and then insert and screw up.

Tested speed on where I usually go to test connection speed. So far though, no sig of any serious improvement. Done a couple of tests - the initial one put me up over 1.9 meg - only the second time I've ever tested when I've got that - usually high 1.8's, but not a marked improvement. Second test was back at normal levels. Reading reviews of this thingy, it appears that some people see a gradual improvement over a few days, so there's still hope. Bottom line is I think I'm away a bit from the exchange, so maybe won't see any major upping of speed.

Still, the speed hasn't gone down, so I suppose that's a bonus!!!

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