Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ah, the good old days...

Long ago, back in 1997, before I started blogging or blogging was even invented, I started to keep a diary. The principle reason was we had one young child (James, now an almost 14 yr old) and another imminent (Bethan, now 11 and a half) and I wanted to keep a record of our lives - sort of a blog really....ha ha.

Anyway's I'm reminiscing as I read through this, and come across an entry for 12th May 1997 where I mention I'm about to order my brand new computer - at the time I was running a Intel 386 with a whopping 100mb of hard disk space. To think I was so excited about the specs....what I wrote was...

"Pentium 166MMX CPU, Intel Triton chipset, 32MB EDO RAM, 2.5 Gig Seagate Medallist pro HDD, 15" monitor, 12x CD ROM, Soundblaster 32 and allegedly 240 watt speakers!! Software is limited - Windows '95 release 2, Encarta 97. All for under a grand (exc the taxman's cut of course)!!"

32mb RAM - blimey - even SD cards these days are upwards of 16GB!!!! I've got twice as much RAM in my Vista machine now than I had in hard disk storage space then. And that little lot cost me the best part of £1,000. How times change

Back on the main reason for the diary, reading about what we did and what was happening then brings back a lot of memories. Great fun.

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