Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lovely drive

My new (old) car hereafter known as the "Mondy" had it's first serious outing today as I had a meeting in Birmingham. I wasn't in a rush, and knew exactly where I was going, so didn't even need to break out my Treo's sat nav.
I pootled the 220 mile or so round trip so at legal speed, and I have to say I was very impressed. The car was quiet and smooth (bearing in mind it's a diesel which is a bit clunky until it warms up) and it was very comfortable, with more than enough oomph when it was needed (to avoid the inevitable idiots on the road - mostly a combination of men in hats, blondes and VW Polo/Volvo drivers - have you noticed?).
The Mondy is a whole step up from my previous trusty 1.6 Scenic in terms of power, comfort, and bells and whistles. I loved the Scenic, but was always aware of the noise levels when I was "cruising" at 70mph or thereabouts, whereas in the Mondeo thrumming along in 6th (yes 6th) gear at 70, you hardly feel like you're moving.
It was also great to see the mpg creeping up on a longish motorway journey - in my first week, having done about 350 miles, just about par, I'd averaged 21 mph and about 44.5 mpg. By the end of today that was up to an average mpg of over 48 - would have been much higher if I'd reset the counter just for today's trip. Working it out, at current mpg's I'd be able to squeeze well over 600 miles out of the 15.4 gallon tank.
Oh, and that front heated screen - what a boon - no more ice scraping for me!
Well pleased.

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