Sunday, December 09, 2007

Kit's Well

Those of you that might have read this blog from it's early days will know that after our Mum died late in 2002, rather than erecting a bench or similar in her memory, we donated money to a project in Nepal that enables, amongst other things, wells to be dug in remote villages, allowing fresh water thereby dramatically improving sanitation and consequently health of the villagers.
My previous post on this explained more about this, but now we also have the GPS co-ordinates available and a photo - albeit at the moment a photo of a photo, and one taken on a mobile phone at that, so it's not the best picture.
The GPS coordinates are:
North: 27.33.825, East: 084.10.171 (I think)!
The well is in a village called Loukhari in Nepal, and if I can find it on Google Earth I'll let you know.

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