Friday, December 21, 2007

It's a mad mad world...

Nearly there. It's been a looong slooow day at work as the great wind down (or is that wind up) comes ever closer. Frankly no-one wanted to be in work today, but if we'd have finished yesterady, or last week no-one would have wanted to be here either.

I'm just about to embark on my journey home, and have heard that the roads in and around Cardiff on which I need to drive home are gridlocked because the whole of South Wales apparently has a sudden urge to go to Asda / Marks & Spencer / Tesco Extra (delete as applicable).

Why though? It's not as if they didn't know Christmas was coming. In fact they've had 52 weeks to think about it, and now everyone needs to go shopping at 4pm on a Friday?

And it's even worse, because it'll be like this for the next 3 days, and we'll have the big day, and then all the shops will be open again and the sales start.

People are mad.

Me, I'm going to go home, do what my wife tells me to do, when she tells me (it's safer that way), enjoy Christmas Day & Boxing Day with the family and then put my feet up. Sales? I think not.

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