Sunday, December 16, 2007

Darfur Crisis Appeal

I'm doing something a bit different this year regarding Christmas cards for work colleagues. Usually I send one to everyone - or at least every department in the building where I work. There's actually quite a lot of people, so that's a lot of cards - not that I mind, and I hope they've been appreciated in the past, but this year I decided I'm going to take a different tack and give a donation to charity in lieu of writing all the cards. I will wish everyone a happy Christmas anyway - probably via the dreaded email, and let them know what I've done.
There's hundreds of worthy causes, and choosing which one is difficult - I have given to several charities over the years and don't have any preferred one.
However, this time, my money is going to the Red Cross Darfur Crisis Appeal. This crisis has been well documented, but it's still unbelievable that such things should go on. I think we in what we like to think of as "first world countries" can often easily put the shutters up or ignore what's going on elsewhere, and very few of us ever really understand what it must be like to live in regions such as these.
I hope my donation makes a difference, however small. And getting back to Christmas cards, I hope those that get my email rather than a card this year, will understand that I think that this action is done in the spirit of traditional Christmas values.

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