Sunday, July 28, 2013

Orlando 2013 - Last day and trip home

So, the holiday is over. Boo....

We were up and cleared and tidied the villa before being out by about 9.45am (had to be out by 10). As the flight wasn't until 7.35pm we decided to go to Seaaworld for a few hours, as it was on the way.

It was blisteringly hot and very humid with it. We saw the Shamu (Orca), Blue Horizons (dolphins) and Clyde & Seymour (Sea Lions) shows, and had the added bonus of The Kraken coaster being surprisingly quiet so got tow consecutive "walk ons".

After a late hot dog lunch, we made our way to Orlando International, and returned the Alamo hire car - all very easy. We'd done online check in the night before, so only had to do bag drop, but as on the way out, I can't really see the difference between the two.

Through security easily enough, and then we made the mistake of going straight through to the terminal rather than staying in the shopping area. There were shops "airside" but disappointingly few, and very little seating apart from right at the gate. We killed a couple of hours, before we wandered to the gate area. here things went a bit awry. For one, I'd bought some duty free fags for a friend but here you don't get them when you buy them, you get them as you board (via a supplied receipt). I suppose this is to stop people buying duty free alcohol and then necking it before the flight. Can't see why they held the fags though. Even if I wanted to (which I don't, because I don't smoke), can't see me smoking 400 in a no smoking area before boarding!

Then the flight was delayed by about 45 mins because the plane wasn't ready. On top of that the girl at the desk had a really odd accent and was wholly unintelligible so no one knew what was going on. Anyway, eventually boarded, and the 7 hr 50m flight was pretty uneventful. Into Gatwick just after 9am, out to the carny just after 10, and back home in Cardiff by 1pm.

Garden's a mess, loads of washing to do. Mrs H back in work tomorrow, but I have a day off, so chores for me!

When's the next holiday?

Check out our photos here...

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