Sunday, July 21, 2013

Orlando 2013 - Days 7-8

Friday morning dawned, if not bright, at least not raining. Breakfast done, the two Das walked down Ocean Drive (how cool does that sound?) where we booked tickets for the "Pirate Duck Tour". This is a vaguely pirate themed road/boat trip around Miami Beach/Biscayne Bay in an amphibious DUCK vehicle. More on this later.

Back at the hotel is was pool time, with the morning spent chilling, as eventually, the sun and blue skies did show. The good lady and I also walked along the beach to South Pointe.

In the afternoon, it was back down Ocean Drive for the tour pickup. Cheesy though it sounds,it was a fab experience. Our guide was on top form, and knew his stuff on Art Deco and the waterside homes of the rich and famous. It was money well spent for this great tour.

In the evening we had a fantastic meal at "Joe's Stone Crab", just round the corner from the hotel. It was expensive compared to other meals we have eaten, but boy were those killer king crab claws, lobster tail and stone crab claws lush! Another big tick in the "glad we did that" box.

Checkout time on Saturday morning saw us drive though Miami and out onto the Tamiani Trail to Coopertown Airboats (through yet another thunderstorm). It's a slightly odd setup. On one hand it looks a bit ramshackle and, lets face it, seedy, but on the other hand, the experience was great. There was a pre ride talk from one of the guides shoring and talking about alligators and snakes and there's clearly an affinity with the animals, including one huge 'gator that's over 60 years old. The airboat ride itself was great. The youngish skipper, Dan drove us out into the glades and stopped in the middle of nowhere and welcomed us to "my office" - class. He was very knowledgable about the flora and fauna, and found us a real live wild alligator. Nature of course doesn't always play. Afterwards we got to hold a real live 'gator about 3feet long, called "Gucci"! This trip was again well worth doing - I thought it was fantastic.

After that it was a long drive back up US27 to Orlando. Off to TGI's now, and a rest day on our itinerary tomorrow. We'll see how it pans out.

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