Sunday, October 17, 2010


What is going on at Liverpool?

They've under performed for years, notwithstanding an an increasingly occasional Champions League Cup. Their more recent history under Rafa Benitez, Messr's Hicks and Gillett, and Roy Hodgson is the stuff of nightmares for such a big club.

Surely, this new deal with NESV will turn things round? Maybe, but not in the immediate short term. They were absolutely abysmal today against Everton, and I'd seriously fancy City's chances of giving them a good thrashing. Is Hodgson the man to do it with new owner John W Henry? I'm not so sure.

I hope they sort it out. I used to support them as a schoolboy, when everyone else in my class supported Leeds (I'm talking the days of Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Tommy Smith and Steve Heighway here by the way). Even now as a Cardiff City fan for many years, Liverpool are still the Premiership side I always want to do well.

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