Friday, October 29, 2010

Center Parcs photos

Photos from this weeks trip to Center Parcs can be found here

All back safe and sound from our trip to Center Parcs. Despite a few whinges (see last but one post) it's been great fun, and only when you rejoin the roads and the rate race on the way home do you appreciate the CP experience for what it is.

Everything they say (who?) is a learning experience. One thing I've learnt this week, is there comes a time when showing off to your kids isn't worth doing.

Yesterday arriving back at our villa in the evening after a lovely meal at the Italian Restaurant I came down the quite short, but quite steep hill by our villa at a fair lick (it's a paved path), and attempted to skid the back wheel on my bike left then right to negotiate a slight zig-zag in the path. I'd done this successfully a couple of times over the week, but last night I got it wrong.

The left skid went according to plan, the back wheel slipping away from me, but I over-compensated on the right skid, the wheel hit a patch of wet mud, and the rest, as they say is history. Crashed and burned big time. Mud everywhere, but mostly over me. Only two good things to come out of it. 1) no broken bones, but that's more luck than judgement, and 2) that only my kids saw it!

I'm almost 51 for God's sake! Let it go.......Where's my pipe and slippers.....

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