Monday, June 28, 2010

More iPhone 4

Well I've had the beastie a few days now, and have hardly been able to put it down. It was my constant companion on a weekend away with the wife (much to her chagrin), but provided a good opportunity to test a few things out.

First the bad news. The screen isn't great in direct sunlight. Granted it was VERY bright, but looking at the screen was hard enough, taking pictures or video was often sheer guesswork. Still in the UK, that sort of weather is the exception rather than the rule, so most of the time should be OK.

On the camera, the overall pictures in good light are fantastic - certainly for someone used to the 3G camera and Palm Treo/Centro cameras before that! Low light photo's aren't bad, but they're not great, but again an improvement on the 3G.

The video is outstanding. It's clear, bright and comes close to replacing my handheld Samsung F30 which I only got at Christmas. Only the capacity for storage will make the iPhone second best, but for short scenes it's the dog's dooda's.

Battery life is much, much better than the 3G. I can more than easily get through a day, and probably close to two and I'm a fairly heavy user. If you believe batteries need to settle down and benefit from a few full charge/discharge cycles early doors, then there is still a way to go before mine starts maxing out, but I'm already impressed. I am though used to charging every day anyway, so it's no hardship for me.

And if course it's fast. It whizzes along at a canter where the 3G in comparison is more of a trot.

Still glad I bought it - you bet.

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