Friday, June 04, 2010

iPad thoughts

I had a play with an iPad today in Cardiff's Apple store for all of 5 minutes. They had about 20 on display, all in use, but apparently none in stock for sale according to a salesman I overheard.

I'm an iPhone and Macbook Pro user, and as yet haven't "seen the light" of the iPad. I'm not really sure who it's aimed at and for what. My iPhone/MBP combo is perfect for me, and I can't imagine carrying around a third device which can do most of what both other devices can do, albeit in it's own form factor.

Don't get me wrong. The iPad is a stunning piece of kit, typical of most Apple products. It's got a gorgeous screen....but....

If it's browsing I want, I've got my MBP or my desktop PC. I don't do e-books so count that one out. If I want to type anything of consequence, again MBP/desktop PC. Don't do many games, and certainly not for extended periods so count that one out. If I want quick notes, access to same, email, text, twitter etc. the iPhone suits me down to the ground. I might watch movies on it, but I can do that on the MBP or even the iPhone - not ideal, but serviceable.

So despite it being a lovely bit of stuff so to speak, and possible "wanting" one sometime (though no immediate feelings of ust for it I have to say), I certainly don't feel that I "need" one or that I'm missing out by not having one. Does that make me a bad person?

One plus I did notice in my brief foray was a much nicer implementation of the calendar app - better view options. Of course the fanboys will argue it's only possible because of a bigger screen, but try telling that to die hard Palm/Agendus/Datebook Pocket Informant users who have long lived with great calendar apps on small form factor devices. Will we get this in iPhone OS4 ? How about in iCal?

Of course it's WWDC next week and we get to see the new iPhone (if you haven't already seen the various leaked images on the web). Currently, that's my next target, though if it fails to impress, I might be looking at something else (Android/Blackberry even?)

Could be an interesting week ahead for me.

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