Sunday, January 24, 2010

TUAW: iPhone 4.0 wants

The Unofficial Apple Weblog or TUAW as it's better known, has recently been publishing a series of open letters to Apple, outlining what users want to see in the next gen iPhone, both at hardware and software levels. This 3rd and final letter in the series concentrates on the iPhones built in apps, and how we users think they need to be improved.
There's nothing much in here to argue about, and plenty to wholeheartedly agree with, including for instance a unified in-box in Mail, or the clock app dynamically showing the time in the same way the calendar app shows the date.

It would be great to think Apple (or any other developer) take notice of these open letters from users, but I'm not sure they do. Anway, we'll just have to wait and see. First ideas might come this week when Apple are supposedly letting everyone know what's coming, with the most hyped thing being the Apply tablet/slate/pad - call it what you will.

Me, I'd settle for all the stuff in the letter in a 4th Gen iPhone, so I can upgrade asap - my contract's up in May and new iPhones have a habit of launching around July....

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