Saturday, December 19, 2009

Are you happy with your kit?

A few of my cyberworld acquaintances have been getting through smartphone devices at a rate of knots recently. Murray over at Palm Mac seems particularly restless of late, and can't seem to find his ideal device, and Gavin one of the PDA247 regulars is equally, if not perhaps a touch more hard to please. Between them I reckon they've gone through about 5 devices in the last few weeks.

Murray I think is looking likely to go down the two device route, as he's getting an iPod Touch for Christmas (I think). His current latest phone, a Nokia E72 as I suspected it would is proving good in form factor but not so great in the OS stakes.

Personally, and luckily for me, I don't have any real desire to move from the iPhone 3G at present. I'm very happy with the device, and it does pretty much everything I want to, in a way that suits my use. My contract runs until May 2010 and at the moment, I'd be quite happy either to keep the 3G device or upgrade to a 3GS if the costs are the same. Of course, by then, we'll probably know whether there's a 4th gen iPhone on it's way, and if Apple follow form, that'll be shipping around July, so it might well be worth my while holding on for a couple of months.

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