Saturday, November 07, 2009

No, anyone but the Jacks: Swansea 3-2 City

I know you can't win every game (unless you're Arsenal), and I know statistically you're more likely to lose away from home than at home. But if there's one game, home or away, that you want to win more than any other as a City fan, it's a game against the Jacks.

But today we got turned over. I was out and about because of my son's birthday party, so could only keep up to date on happenings via my text service, and suddenly to find we were 2-0 down was gutting. Then within two minutes we'd made it 2-2 and you had to think momentum was with the Bluebirds.

But they scored again on the hour, and that, as they say was that. By all accounts Swansea were the better side and deserved the three points, but that doesn't make it any easier to bear.

Defensively we remain pants, and Jonesy has got to do something about that. We're like Newcastle of old. Doesn't matter if they score, we'll try and score more. Except we don't.

Have to put that behind us now and move swiftly forward in the next game.

C'mon City

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