Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mac news

I've downloaded Neo Office for the Mac to give it a try. So far I've used iWork's "Pages" for my wordprocessing on the Macbook. Although I haven't actually done that much WP, Pages does look fairly useful, and very much a page layout program in a desktop publisher sort of way.

However, neat and easy though it undoubtedly is, I've struggle with a few basic issues. Number one in this is that I need to access documents from other PC's apart from the Mac. I therefore want to save documents as MS Word format. Although I can do that in Pages, I have to specifically select that every time I save a document (unless there's a setting I can't find).
Neo Office, which is a free open source program based on the same code as Open Office provides the ability to always save as a particular file type.

In just a couple of minutes I already feels slightly more comfortable with Neo Office that I do with Pages. I'll continue to give both a fair crack of the whip, and see where I go.

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