Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy MacDay

Well, here I go. A new era in computing as I finally get my hands on a Macbook Pro.

I'm sure this is gong to be an interesting ride. Here are my immediate impressions.

  1. Packaging. Minimal, but classy. Oozes desirability from the outside of the box to the machine within.
  2. Setup: What an easy process. Simple questions, and not a lot of them, and bingo, I've set the laptop up for me, attached to my network and configured my email. A much more simple process than on a PC.
  3. Screen - absolutely awesome
  4. Trackpad. Who needs a mouse?
  5. Keyboard - this will take some getting used to after my clackety old desktop keyboard, but it's quiet, backlit and comfortable. No Delete key though!
  6. Magsafe power connector. What absolute genius! Why doesn't every laptop have one like this?
That's all for now, as I've got loads to do.

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