Sunday, November 29, 2009

Crap: City 1-2 Ipswich

Well this was an afternoon to forget. Freezing cold, wet and windy, and taking on Roy Keane's Tractor Boys, a match I'd long had down as a potential banana skin.

City looked dire all day sitting off the opposition, lacking movement and, it seemed from where I was sitting any desire or ambition.

Even when they went one up courtesy of Peter Whittingham's 13th strike of the season (he'll be gone come January I reckon), there was still a sense that the game was far from over.

In the second half, City got even worse (if that were possible). Enckleman on for the injured Marshall made some farcical attempts and kicking and throwing the ball out, and it looked only to be a matter of time before Ipswich, who were by now having most of the ball, scored.

And so it was. Despite a couple of late substitutions City couldn't get a grip on the game, and Ipswich wrapped it up with their second shortly before the end.

City were roundly booed off for what was a hapless performance. They'd better buck their ideas up and soon or even a play-off place, let alone automatic promotion will be far beyond them

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