Saturday, November 07, 2009

Coastal Blast

It's Mini's birthday next week, and as he's going to be 15 (scary how quick they grow up) we'd been looking for something a bit different to the standard bowling or cinema party event.

Today him, his sisterme & Mrs Statto and his cousin plus a few of his mates went on a powerboat trip out in the Bristol channel. The powerful RIB fired by twin 225hp motors takes you across Cardiff Bay and out through the deep sea locks into the channel.

Once there, the skipper opens up the throttles and spends time hurtling over the waves (and there were some big 'uns out there today, and doing "hamilton power turns" and the like. All good fun, if a little wet at times. Bay Island Voyages who run these trips out of Cardiff Bay have a couple of these RIB's. Great fun it is too. Well worth a blast if you're down this way.

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