Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I haven't bought a gadget for a while. I'm happy with my iPhone 3G, and none of the Android phones, today's Palm Pixi announcement, or anything else in the smartphone vein is getting me all a bother at the moment. Doesn't look like we'll be seeing the Palm Pre here anytime soon which might have tickled my fancy, but reports of dodgy build quality and virtually no apps (compared to other platforms) has quelled my ardour for that device.

I did buy a multi-card reader for my PC if that counts, because my last one had died. This one isn't dead, it's got a red light on it and a green light when I put a card in, but the PC won't recognise any card at all. Bizarre. Not much to get excited about though.

But it's laptops that are getting me twitchy. I've mentioned before a couple of times that I'm getting a strange mid life (late mid life?) Mac envy, and I keep finding myself browsing pages where there are 13inch Macbook Pro's for sale. I even bought Mac Format the other day to while away a train journey, in case I learnt anything for if (when) I get one!

As a die hard Windows user for many, many years (nothing against Mac's just never bought or used one), I'm not sure what's brought this on, but the twitch isn't going away.

I've got a rather large birthday coming up in November which isn't helping as people keep asking me what I want (which for years has been "a pair of socks"), so a MBP is a bit of a leap of generosity!!! I've been a good boy though and have been saving some pennies, so I could add to the pot!

Help me out here....should I go for it?

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