Saturday, September 05, 2009

Cricket Tour. Preliminary report

So here I am in Torquay for a short weekend cricket tour.
First night of tour has been negotiated safely. Drank too much inevitably and had nice curry. Hangover rating a pleasing 3/10. Could have been a LOT worse but I know my limits and only slightly exceeded them.

The big test comes later when we have to play cricket. There are three immediate problems

1. We've only got 10 men. One persona pulled out yesterday (but hadn't had the courtesy to tell us until I rang him to find outvwhere he was!). Actually we've got 11 but one's on crutches so doesn't count.

2. Of the 10 "fit" men we have I'm not sure many will have negotiated last night with the same level of hangover as me. In fact I'll bet half of them are like the walking dead this morning.

3. And still on those 10. One hasn't plate cricket for over 20 years, one can't remember when he last played at all, and one only plays about once a year

Could be a long afternoon!

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