Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another season gone

Played the last match of the season today on a glorious afternoon at Sully. We were well beaten, but it was a friendly and having a match at all this late in the year was the main thing.

Personally I didn't have a great game - I wasn't going to play at all but we were short. That's 4 times I've come out of retirement this year! I bowled 3 (or was it 4) overs for a few and scored 4 in an innings lasting all of 3 balls. Perhaps I should hang up my boots for good?

On the upside, Mini-Stats took a wicket, and batted a long time for an obdurate 10, to upstage the old man, and faced the fastest bowling he's ever seen to boot, without fear - the keeper was standing 20 yards back! (yes even though it was a friendly...)

So matches are over, but still loads to do. It's our end of season dinner/awards on Friday, the AGM in November, websites to keep up to date, monthly e-newsletters to prepare, winter nets to sort out and more. Oh the life of a cricket chairman.....

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