Saturday, April 04, 2009

Palm OS on a Pre

The Palm Pre is looking like a great device, with more info coming out on a regular basis, but one thing that a lot of current and ex-Palm users have been asking is will it be able to run current Palm OS apps?

Well, the answer is yes, and that means it's much more likley that one of these users may hang around for the Pre rather than swicth to another patform. After all, they will have invested a lot of time and money on their Palm apps.

And here at you can actually see it working, and very impressive it looks too. The emulator functions as a WebOS app like the other Pre apps. The response speed is impressive too.

I'm liking the Pre very much from what I've seen on the web. I wonder when we'll get to see it for real?

In another Pre video at jkOnTheRun the Pre is being demonstrated with some 3rd party applications. One really cool bit was an app called Fandango that allows you to view movie listings and buy a ticket - not really zingy in itself, but the killer was the integration - when you buy your ticket, the event is automatically added to your calendar. Impressive.

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