Thursday, April 30, 2009

Catch 22

Over lunch my lunch of corned beef sarnies I've been considering (as you do) the state of the world we live in. Using the venerable BBC News website as a guide, here's where we're at.

We're still in the deepest recession for many a long year. People out of jobs, companies going bust, investments in free fall and the housing market still dodgy. We're still at war with half the world it seems - though we don't call it war, although we'll soon be pulling troops out of Iraq.

There are pirates about, but not in the Caribbean. We've got a comedian on Question time, and no, it's not Gordon Brown.

According to the Met (the weather people, not the police) it's going to b the hottest and driest summer for a long time (hooray), but sadly we'll all be dead from swine flu, so won't be here to enjoy it.

Oh, and the Aussies are coming over to thrash us at cricket (again).

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