Thursday, November 06, 2008

Who's that coming over the hill (again)

Lordy. Haven't posted since Sunday - been too busy, but what a post to get going again with!

Cardiff City have secured the return of Michael Chopra on loan from Sunderland until 1st Jan, and rumours abound that we're trying to get him back on a more permanent deal.

"Chops" of course is a former Bluebird, having come to us dirt cheap from Newcastle, and he quickly became a Ninian Park legend, scoring goals for fun before being shipped off to Sunderland for £5m big ones in July 2007. We didn't want to see him go, but it was good business for a club in so much debt.

However, he's not been starting regularly for the Black Cats, and with City's two main strikers both out for at least a month with hamstring injuries, we needed a replacement and fast. Sunderland it seems were keen to let us have him back for bit. I know the fans will love it - I do!

And what's all that about a hill? Well, being footie fans, we have songs for players. For Chops, we sing the Automatic's, "Who's that coming over the hill? Is it a monster?

"Who's that coming over the hil? It's Michael Chopra, it's Michael Chopra!"

Up the City!!!

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