Monday, November 10, 2008

Rainy days

I've been to Kettering today. Up at just after 6am. It's a 3 hours drive (3.15 with a very quick stop for a coffee) from Cardiff, and most of that was in conditions just like this picture. The weather was truly awful for travelling today.

I used my Centro and Tom Tom to navigate the last few miles, and it was 100%. What a great invention.

The journey home was worse. The rain wasn't too bad (until I hit South Wales where it was if anything even worse than this morning), but there had been an accident on the M42 and we sat for an hour going nowhere, so it was a 4 hour journey back. Almost seven and a half hours in the car today, and then, as soon as I was home, very quick bite to eat, and back down the the National Indoor Cricket Centre in Cardiff for the junior indoor league presentation (our U13's didn't win the league - but they did enjoy themselves) followed by Mini-Stats having a 90 minute training session there. Just got in now - 9:30. Busy old day.

Going to work for a rest tomorrow.

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