Monday, November 10, 2008

Not out

Well, we played out game of indoor cricket. Our opponents were the "Lahore Warriors", and sadly they were too good for us - but only just. They scored 94-5 in their 10 overs, and we ended up about 15 short - not bad for a team of 6 containing one old crock (me) and 2 U13 juniors!

My biggest contribution was taking a fierce catch about 5 yards from the bat that was hit VERY hard. My hand is still tingling now, 36 hours after - but it stuck!

Bowling was OK off 2 paces (dodgy knee). Batting is best forgotten - I did bat, and wasn't out, but I didn't lay a bat on too many!

Foolishly, I've decided to agree to play next Sunday too.

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