Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jingle Bells

Joy of joys, there's 42 days left until Christmas (I think), and No.1 son has just had his birthday, so that means Chrimbo shopping is on the agenda.

My good lady and I both come from large(ish) families - in the numerical sense rather than bodily design, and that can make the shopping a bit of a job. At the last count, with her side (parents, brothers, sisters, spouses and children) there are 19, and on my side 15 (be 16 next year!).

That's before you start chucking in aunties, uncles, close friends, kids friends, teachers etc and the inevitable "secret Santa" at work, and of course pressies for our kids and each other.

Anne's side of the family decided a couple of years ago that they'd have a £5 limit on gifts - not because they're skinflints, but because were (mostly) past the material "wanting" (I'm happy with a pair of socks) and also because of a recognition of Christmas being more about giving than receiving.

My family are going the same way - at least we've cut down from giving everyone in the immediate family a "main" present and a "tree" present - a tradition that started way back, for reasons that pre-dates my knowledge, even though the "tree" present was normally something very cheap.

The kids of course get spoilt rotten.

Anyhows, if we didn't break the back of it last night, we certainly made a start, and will have another go in a week or so.

What's on my list? Don't know really.....I'd like an iPhone (wouldn't we all?) but I can't get a deal as good as my T-Mobile one. The pay monthly starts at £30 for a measly 75mins....

The socks look a good bet...

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