Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Palm Treo Pro - Official!

The Treo Pro is now available (not yet in the UK, although there seems to be a suggestion that it will eventually be available on Vodafone and O2 - no good for us T-Mob users!!) so all the rumours are now official. Check out the Palm site for this beauty. It's WM rather than Palm, but it still looks tempting......

Found this rather cheesy video on YouTube of some Palm VP's (Vice President's) talking about the new Treo Pro. All the usual fluff in here, but a couple of interesting comments that might slip by un-noticed.

Apparently the Treo Pro has been designed for and is aimed at the "heavy business or international user" who has "different needs and expectations to our (note "our") typical user".

Maybe what they really mean, is "we're not going to do anything for our typical Palm user", or put another way, if you're waiting for a new Palm OS, don't hold your breath.

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