Thursday, August 28, 2008

Treo Pro - again

I know I'm going on about the Treo Pro a bit - but it is rather exciting I think.

Anyway, the Treonauts site has got some rather gushing reviews of the device here and here.

I suppose you might expect a Palm focused site to be positive about a Palm device - even one runing Windows "Moble", and this doesn't disappoint. However, I think this is fine, because the reviewer makes a point to note that he's not used to WM, and therefore the positive reviews he gives this device coming from a Palm OS focus is actually quite refreshing.

It looks like this device will be quite expensive unlocked in the UK. Clove are advertising it at £368 inclusive of VAT, so it's not soemthing you're going to purchase on a whim.

My HTC S710's got a day and a bit left on e-bay, but it's stuttering at the £90 mark, so I'm not going to make enough to justify being able to get a Treo Pro, ot that I ever thought it would. But it'll be gadget money in the bank I hope.

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