Friday, August 08, 2008

Month without plastic

This is a fascinating blog over at the BBC website were a journalist is attempting to live for a month without using or buying anything plastic.

It is staggering just how much plastic we know utilise in our daily lives without thinking about it. We've been recycling for a few years now, mainly glass, cardboard cans and plastic, and I am always staggered by how much plastic especially I put out at the kerbside every fortnight.

This journalist though is trying to live completely plastic free for a month, and if you read this you'll find out just how hard she's finding it.

I think everyone should be made to read something like this - if we all tried a little bit harder, the world would be an environmentally better place. I might even think about assessing just how much plastic we use in our house over a month - for shock factor if nothing else!

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