Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mini Mouse

Don't you just love it when something just goes according to plan?

I'm getting on great with my EEE notebook, but I have to admit that I'm not as adept with a trackpad as I am with a mouse.

So, I order up this mini sized retractable cord optical mouse (that's a mouthful) off Amazon for the princely sum of £1.55 plus a couple of quid postage. Yes that's right. The item was one pound and fifty five pence! The postage was more than the item (!) but having a mouse delivered to your door for about three quid all in is still a bargain.

It arrived inside 2 days.

I opened the package, plugged it in, fired up the EEE and off I went. Worked first time, not even a hint of a message about new hardware, drivers or anything else. Superb!

It's tiny though too - it's about a quarter the size of a bog standard mouse and it's still got room for a scroll wheel!

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