Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Internet problems

I've got internet problems again. A few months ago I posted my tribulations
on a similar subject which eventually appeared to correct itself.

Now similar problems. Can't connect, or if I can it's only to Google.
Everything seems slow. Have virus checked everything but no probs.

Appeared to start having problems after I downloaded and tried installing a
version of "Smartdraw" a CAD program. I cancelled the install part way
through because it was taking an age to install.
Have re-booted the router, the PC, done a restore flshed the firmware on my
router and still no joy.

My money's on bloody Pipex again.


It's working again, although I have to say it's running very slowly...seemed to start working again after I flashed my router with the latest firmware upgrade, although that might be coincidence - it has been working fine for months without a hiccough. I think I'll still blame Pipex.

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