Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm a long time user of Microsoft Outlook on my home PC, currently at Outlook 2002 (I know, I know). However, Vista's not keen on 2002 and keeps telling me to upgrade and I'm fed up to the back teeth of losing/duplicating calendar items when syncing my Centro to this PC. I also sync my work PC which runs OL 2003 and I don't think it likes syncing two different OL calendar versions.

So, I've decided to give Goosync a shot. This application allows me to sync my Centro Calendar to Google Calendar. My thought processes go, that if I then sync my Centro only with my work PC and Goosync I should (fingers crossed) stop some of the problems I've been having, and I'll have my calendar available all the time on my Centro and any other internet enabled PC. So, I downloaded and installed the limited version that allows only syncing of Calendar, and synced and everything looks tickety boo.

I have to admit I'm slightly nervous of trusting personal information to a 3rd party server, although clearly the number of people doing this these days suggests it can't be all that bad. I'll see how I get on, but Google Calendar certainly looks OK, though I accept it doesn't have quite the same degree of functionality as Outlook. However, for home use it's probably fine.

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