Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gabor who?

I hope Dave Jones knows what he's doing - I don't.

Earlier today the BBC website was reporting that Cardiff City were about to complete the signing of a centre back replacement for Glenn Loovens who's signed for Celtic.

Tonight I find out that the replacement is that well known Hungarina international Gabor Gyepes currently playing for the galacticos that are the Cobblers (that's their nickname, not their ability) - yes, Northampton Town.

Hmmm... and it turns out he was and international - once. "I'd like to play for Hungary again" says the BBC report. Oh, and he's suffered a knee injury in the past.

Maybe he'll do the business. He's certainly a big lad at 6'3" (or 6'4" depending on which website you read).

How do you say "C'mon City" in Hungarian?

Well, seeing as you've asked, it's "Jön -ra Város!"

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