Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bolt of lightning

Yes I know the headline's almost certainly been done elsewhere, but bear with me.

I had to suppress a snort of derision today when reading (on the BBC Website I think) about Jacques Rogge one of the Olympics head honcho's (actually he's the IOC President) who is apparently not impressed with Usain Bolt and his cockiness and showmanship after breezing to 100m and 200m gold medals, both in new world record times I might add, saying he's got no respect for his fellow competitors.

Well frankly Mr Rogge, my take on it is this.

Anyone who can not only run the 100m and 200m very fast....very, very fast in fact, shattering the existing world records in both events, and be so, so far ahead of the rest of the field in both events that he's got time to sit down halfway through a race, read a Who's Who to find out who Jacques Rogge actually is and still have time to finish ahead of everyone else can do what he damn well likes.

Cocky he might be, but he can afford to be, because he is, by a country mile (or 2oom anyway) the best in the world.

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