Monday, May 05, 2008

Rehab update

It's a couple of weeks almost since my last update - when I told you about the "physio-terrorist", so how have things been going since then?

Well, in the main pretty good, but it's not all rosy. It's nice to be weight bearing, even if that's really tentative like walking on egg shells. I have in all honesty had moments when I've dispensed with one crutch or put down more weight than I'm supposed to (for God's sake don't tell the physio), but it's not easy and although there's no pain as such, I'm still very tentative. I'm still happier on both crutches, but even then after a short walk or up and down the stairs a couple of times my leg starts to ache and if I don't keep it up, it does still swell up a bit.

Also, there's one bit of my wound which isn't healing properly. Not the end of the world, but annoying, and my GP has given me some antibiotic cream for that. knee still crunches and clicks as much as it did before! Whether that will improve in time (to a degree) as there's still some swelling and muscle wastage which needs to be sorted I don't know. Damn well hope so or this has been a complete waste of time.

The final downer is that I was supposed to go back and see the consultant at the end of this week, get re-x-rayed and hopefully get the nod for driving (or at worst a date for when I can). However I had a letter at the end of last week saying that "due to unforeseen circumstances" the appointment is canceled and they'll "contact me in due course". What the hell does that mean, and where does it leave me? I'll chase them up this week.

Overall, though I'm making progress I do think it's not happening as quickly as I'd hoped, though to be fair, the surgeon said minimum 6 weeks, and it's only just over 5 now. I'm just fed up of the sticks now. I'll be bloody glad to see the back of them.

Oh well....keep taking the tablets and doing the exercises.....

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