Friday, May 16, 2008

Printer Cartridges - Great Price, Great Service

There are some companies our there that provide a really good customer experience.

Then there are those that provide a truly outstanding customer experience. I've found one of these with Inksave.

I think I've moaned before on this blog about the cost of inkjet cartridges, so every time I have to buy them it gets me, and my bank manager in a bad mood, especially as I've had several bad experiences with cheaper "non-brand" products so tend to always stick to HP's own cartridges.

Yesterday I was doing some important work for my cricket club that I need to complete by today when my black ink ran out. As I'm still not allowed to drive, it was either a taxi to the local PC World store (adding another £15 -£20) to an already extortionate cartridge cost, or find someone who could deliver fast.

A quick Google brought up a couple of possibilities, and I plumped for Inksave for no other reason than they aren't that far from Cardiff (Swindon).

To make sure they had stock and could deliver next day, I rang rather than ordered online. The lady I spoke to was helpfulness itself, confirming that they always despatch 1st class and as it was late morning I should get deliver next day (Royal Mail permitting!). So I placed my order for cartridges at roughly 50% - 60% of the cost that I'd have paid if I went to PC World.

10 minutes later, the lady rang me back and said the cartridges would be despatched direct from their supplier by recored delivery (at no extra charge to me).

This morning at 9am, knock on the door and there they were. Absolutely outstanding.

This sort of customer service is what wins customers over, and it's unbelievable that some bigger companies and corporates can't or won't realise that. It works for me and Inksave have now got a new and loyal customer. I know where I'll be buying my ink stock from in future, and I recommend that you give them a try too. You'll be impressed.

Other good customer service companies
I won't tolerate poor customer service, I'll move my custom elsewhere. When checking out new companies I always check their customer feedback/reviews where possible. I'm sure everyone has got their own ways of deciding what's good or bad about a company and how/what it delivers. For me it's value and customer service. Here's a couple of my best picks:

  • Inksave (obviously)
  • Photobox Photo upload/storage and photo gifts - great site, fast delivery, but not the cheapest
  • Amazon UK 99% positive, only a couple of minor glitches in all the years I've been using them. Wide range, generally competitive and good delivery
  • Sporting Kicks Needed a Welsh flag fast (don't ask). Ordered 2pm arrived next morning

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