Monday, May 26, 2008


We've just returned from a short weekend break in one of my favourite places, West Wales, and in particular the St David's peninsula. My own jewel in the crown is Solva, a tiny village nestled at the end of a fjord like inlet. Once a prodigous fishing and business port, it now caters almost solely for the holidaymaker. It's a marvellous spot, so don't tell anyone about it.

The weather was a bit iffy. Saturday was fine, but windy and we actually made it to three beaches that day. Solva itself where we had a very windy picnic, Abereiddy where my soon to be 11 year old daughter pictured went surfing (though the surf wasn't great) and Whitesands where we went for a walk after a nice meal in a pub, probably the best know beach in the area, a wide expanse of sand that brings families, surfers and kayakers out in equal numbers.

Sunday it howled with wind all day and heaved down with rain, but as is typical for that part of the world in the evening everything calmed down and it brightened up for a couple of hours.

It's only about 110 miles from us, so we're really lucky and should get down there more often.

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