Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On the road again

I've got fed up waiting for my outpatient appointment with the consultant to come round (this coming Friday) before I drive, so I've bitten the bullet and got in the car this week. ordinarily I'd have seen him 6 weeks post op and hopefully have been given the OK , but as you'll know, that appointment got delayed by 2 weeks through no fault of my own.

Anyway, I feel OK to drive and a short trip around the local neighborhood suggests all is well.

Generally, I feel fine, although by the end of each day the leg is aching and sore - the biggest problem is thinking I'm back to normal (or at least back to where I was pre-op) when patently I'm not. I'm fine sitting down, but any exertion and I know about it. I haven't even tried anything other than a slow walk yet, and yes, I'm still doing my physio exercises!

Worst of all, I'm still not sure the op's actually had any real benefit. The knee still grinds and grates and feels like a ratchet, which is really quite depressing. Still, we'll see what the consulatant has to say ion Friday.

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