Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Scary day today. First day we've let Gizmo (left) out since he moved in with us. He's been pining to get out since day 1, but we've dutifully kept him inside for 2 weeks.

You're always thinking "when we let him out will he come back...."

Well, today was the day to find out......he shot into the garden like a rocket as the door was opened. Sniffed around slowly for 5 minutes then legged it over our 6ft fence into the field next door. No amount of dish rattling, toy bell jingling of calling would bring him back....and I'm certainly not in a position to chase after him on my crutches!

20 minutes later he re-appeared (it's about a 7 foot jump from the other side of the fence, and he's got a dodgy leg!).

He then completely ignored me, and jumped over the fence the other side into the neighbour's garden. By now I'd resigned myself to accepting his exploration and that he'd either eventually return or he wouldn't. He did, but then legged it back into the field again! Now though, happy to report he's back, safe and sound looking as if he's no idea what all the fuss is about!

We're barred all exit routes for the rest of today, and we'll give him another go tomorrow.

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